Dental Emergencies

A broken tooth or severe tooth pain can call for a rush to the dentist. If you experience a dental emergency, Cascade Village Dental can help. Putting off a visit to the dentist when you are experiencing tooth pain can lead to further damage and the pain could quickly progress. We will work you into our schedule to get you the care you need as soon as possible.

When you have a broken tooth or severe tooth pain, warm salt water can be used to rinse the mouth. If you have tooth pain, flossing around the tooth is one way to ensure no food is caught around the tooth causing pain. If your face is swollen, a cold compress can be used to help with the swelling. Most importantly, calling your dentist and getting checked is the best way to treat a dental emergency.

Once you schedule your emergency exam, your dentist will examine your tooth, diagnose the problem and help relieve the pain. He will then show you a treatment plan for your tooth if it needs to be repaired. If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Grand Rapids, MI, Cascade Village Dental can help! Call our office today to set up an emergency exam.