Exam & X-Ray Special

$49 Exam and X‑Ray*

$99 New Patient Cleaning, Exam and X‑Ray*


Has it been awhile since you’ve gotten your teeth examined? Is lack of insurance keeping you from scheduling an appointment with your dentist? Take advantage of our $49 special to come in as a new patient and have your teeth thoroughly examined and x-rayed. Maintain your healthy smile by scheduling an examination and ensuring your teeth are getting the care they need.
Your search for an exam and x-ray in Grand Rapids, MI, can end at Cascade Village Dental! Our office will go the extra mile to help you take care of your teeth.Give us a call today to set up an appointment!

*New patients only.

Has it been awhile since you have had your teeth cleaned? Does the cost of having a cleaning, x-rays and an exam scare you away from not wanting to come in? Luckily for you, Cascade Village Dental offers $99 cleaning, exam and x-ray special for new patients with no insurance. Take advantage of our NEW PATIENT SPECIAL and ensure that your smile is healthy! Give us a call today!