General Dentistry

A dentist is valuable when you need an emergency toothache to be taken care of, but he is also key to helping you prevent dental emergencies as you stay faithful to your routine check-ups. Taking good care of your smile now can save you money, time, and pain in the future. We offer many services, not only for preventative maintenance, but also for tooth repair. Your smile is in good hands at Cascade Village Dental.

Dental Check-ups

Setting up dental visits a few times a year will help keep your teeth clean and detect any decay or cavities. These check-ups include a thorough teeth cleaning, exam and x-ray. Your dentist will examine your teeth to look for any warning signs and make sure your smile is maintained. If treatment is needed, your dentist will present a practical plan to help you get the care you need.

Tooth Repair

If you have stained, cracked or chipped teeth, our office can help repair your smile. We offer tooth bonding, teeth whitening, dental crowns, bridges, implants and much more. Are you looking for a dentist in Grand Rapids, MI? Call Cascade Village Dental to schedule a new patient appointment! Your dentist can show you treatment options to help you take the steps towards a brighter smile.