Oral Hygiene Post-Treatment Care

Along with your regular check-ups at the dentist, you also have to take special care of your smile at home. The dentist will ask if you are flossing daily and taking time to brush, but the task is up to you! Four things that should be part of your daily routine are flossing, brushing, scraping and rinsing. Here are some tips to help you with your daily upkeep.

Flossing and Brushing

Flossing should be a part of your everyday habits. It’s just as important as brushing your teeth! If you don’t floss every day, food and bacteria can stay caught between your teeth. Failure to floss can lead to cavities and rapid tooth decay. Make sure you pick a smooth floss that does not break easily or get caught on your teeth. Your gums may be sensitive if you don’t floss regularly, but they will get less sensitive the more you do it. When you floss, make sure you clean from top to bottom in-between each tooth.

Brushing is necessary at least two times a day. Ideally, you should brush after each meal. When brushing, take two full minutes to make sure you thoroughly clean each tooth. Work at reaching the hard-to-get places and make sure no tooth goes without being cleaned.

Scraping and Rinsing

Using a tongue scraper will help get the unwanted bacteria off your tongue. Not only will it clean the tongue, but it will also help your breath smell fresh. When bacteria reside on the tongue, your breath will never smell its best. Use the tongue scraper more than once to make sure you get all the bacteria off the tongue. Thoroughly clean the scraper when you are finished.

Lastly, using a mouth rinse will finish your morning routine with fresh breath! Use a mouth rinse that kills bacteria and contains no alcohol. Use a small amount in your mouth for the instructed amount of time and do not rinse your mouth with water when you are done.

Following these steps will ensure fresh breath and clean teeth! Your dentist will be more than pleased at your next visit when he sees what great care you’ve taken to protect your beautiful smile! Want to learn more about post-treatment care? Call Cascade Village Dental today to set up a consultation.