Root Canals

A severe cavity or damaged tooth can result in the need for a root canal. Root canals take care of the root of the tooth and can save a tooth from needing to be extracted. In a nutshell, root canals take care of infected or damaged teeth by removing the damage and sealing the tooth. This protects the tooth from further damage or decay.

At Cascade Village Dental, Joseph F. Erdman specializes in root canal procedures. He has advanced training in endodontics and has plenty of experience to go along with his training. If you are in need of a root canal, you will be in good hands at Cascade Village Dental.

We offer sedation that can be administered during root canals to make you relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire appointment. The sedative takes effect almost immediately and you’ll be amazed how quickly your appointment will seem. Before you know it, your dentist will be done with the procedure and telling you it is time to go home.

Are you looking for root canal services in Grand Rapids, MI? Call Cascade Village Dental today to set up a consultation! We will work hard to give you the best service possible and give you the best options to protect your smile.