Teeth Whitening

There are numerous over-the-counter options available for brightening your smile. However, have you considered which method is the most effective way to whiten your teeth? Although methods such as whitening toothpaste and rinses can whiten your smile a shade or two, in-office whitening treatments will produce the best results. Compared to over-the-counter whitening products, in-office whitening will whiten faster and you’ll see better results. Cascade Village Dental offers take-home whitening trays as well as in-office whitening treatments.

Take-Home Trays vs. In-Office Whitening

If you schedule a whitening appointment for take-home trays, you can come into the office and have the dentist give you custom trays for your teeth. These trays will be taken home and filled with whitening solution. The clear trays are placed over your teeth and the solution coats your teeth. As you continue daily use, you can see results in two to six weeks.

With in-office whitening treatments, the results are quick and easy. During your in-office visit, your teeth will be coated in whitening gel and a light will be applied to your teeth. You can see results by the end of your first visit! If you would like to come back for more than one whitening, you can schedule more whitening treatments. Your teeth can improve up to ten shades with in-office whitening treatments and you can walk out of the office with a beautiful, bright smile after just one visit. Whitening appointments typically last around one hour.

Are you looking for teeth whitening in Grand Rapids, MI? Call Cascade Village Dental today to set up an appointment! A whiter smile is only a phone call away!