TMJ Therapy

Are you experiencing frequent headaches? Does your jaw pop or seem out of place when you chew or talk? Does your bite seem off when you close your upper and lower jaws? If you are experiencing these symptoms, you may need TMJ therapy.

TMJ is the connection of the jaw joints. When the upper and lower teeth meet, they should line up properly. When your bite is off, this can cause many problems in the jaws. Your jaws may pop or click when chewing, your jaw may lock sometimes and you may also be experiencing pain and discomfort. When the jaws are having a problem meeting together properly, the jaw joints may send pain signals to the neck and head resulting in headaches or neck pain. Other side effects can be earaches and pain in the face muscles.

If you are experiencing TMJ symptoms, your dentist can evaluate your jaws and your bite. He will assess you to find out if you are in need of TMJ therapy. There are many ways to relieve TMJ pain and fix the alignment of the jaws. Your dentist can discuss options after examining you for TMJ. Are you interested in learning more about TMJ? Your search for TMJ therapy in Grand Rapids, MI, can end here! Give Cascade Village Dental a call today to set up a consultation!